The day to day operation of The Balloon Museum will require hundreds of volunteers many of whom will be balloon enthusias. Others will be individuals who simply would like the opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting museum by sharing their time and talents. Volunteers will be the glue that binds and they will help make this museum one in which we all can be proud of.

There is a lot of ballooning history in Statesville, Iredell County and the State of North Carolina but we are best known for the Carolina BalloonFest which happens for three days each October. Now the thousands of balloon enthusias will have a balloon attraction and activity 365 days a year in addition to the 3 day BalloonFest.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer check as many of the blocks to the right as you wish to indicate your areas of interest. Most of the blocks will represent a team rather than an individual. For example the "Gift Shop Merchandise Selection and Ordering" team might be made up of maybe six individuals all working together in selecting and ordering the hundred of items for the Gift Shop. One of these team members might also have an talent and interest in helping outside and be on the "Outside Beautification" team. So you can be on more than one team and switch around to make your volunteer work at the museum exciting and varied.

By becoming a Balloon Museum Volunteer you will also receive all our mailing and e-mails which will keep you informed as to our progress and upcoming events.

While the museum is under construction the roles marked in bold are volunteer positions we need filled now!

Advertising New Media
Advertising Printed Media
Advertising Radio and TV
Audio Presentation Systems
Cleaning Manager
Cleaning Team Member
Computer Systems
Display Organizer (Balloonist Display Cases)
Display Organizer (in Gift Shop)
Electrical (experienced)
Food Service (for special events)
Front Desk Cashier (experienced)
Front Desk Greeter
Gift Shop Books
Gift Shop Clothing
Gift Shop Jewelry
Gift Shop Merchandise Control
Gift Shop Merchandise Handling
Gift Shop Merchandise Selection & Ordering
Ground Maintenance
Inventory Control
Office Manager
Outside Flower and Plant Beautification
Parking Supervisor
Security Personal
Security System Surveillance
Special Event Coordinator
Telephone Operator
Tour Guide (Adult and School Children)
Video Presentation Systems
Water Systems (plumber)
Web Site Designer and Maintainer
Work Shop Specialist (metal)
Work Shop Specialist (wood)
Work Shop Sprcialist (painting)
Work Shop Supervisor (experienced)
Work Shop Supervisor (sewing)